Software Development

Custom Financial Software Development

FTLabs custom financial software development services offer extensive knowledge in developing components and applications for the fixed income market using a wide range of software technologies – installed application and web-based.

We’ll work with your stakeholders to define business objectives, elicit requirements, assess needs, set scope, and identify constraints before developing an optimal design that meets your business, technology, and operational requirements.


Software Design

  • FTLabs favors a user-centered and agile design methodology with an emphasis on iterative prototyping and early review instead of the traditional ‘waterfall’ lifecycle approach.
  • Our knowledge of software architecture allows us to advise you on the most appropriate hardware and software components and architecture design for your project.

Software Development

  • Expert knowledge of Java, C++, J#, and C# supporting delivery on both Windows- and Unix-based enterprise architectures.
  • Database design, application development, and integration with vendors including Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Sybase, MySQL.
  • User-interface design, development, and implementation using XML/XSLT/CSS, AJAX, JSF, Swing, and others.
  • Order entry, management, and routing systems.
  • Portfolio modeling and proposal generation applications.
  • Email alert system for delivering reports in HTML, PDF, or Excel.
  • Real-time web-based security price display monitor.

System Integration

  • Use our mature and highly functional data routing products (FIRE & FIRM) to route data between in-house and vendor systems.
  • Broad experience in system integration using both proprietary and industry-standard protocols such as SOAP, Web services, RMI, RSS, XML, FIX and FIXML.
  • Integration of disparate vendor service using various single sign-on, encryption, and authentication technologies.