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Solutions for Fixed Income Trading Firms.

FTLabs offers innovative technology solutions for financial advisors including a cloud-hosted portfolio modeling and presentation application, a CD issuance platform for communication and collaboration, Bond Calculator, and BondTrack – a virtual bond trading assistant, powered by Amazon Alexa. Explore our products below.


PortFini is a cloud-hosted, web-based, portfolio modeling and presentation application for financial advisors. Some of the nation’s most successful securities dealers, investment counselors, and advisory firms use the PortFini portfolio tool.

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CDUnderwriter provides a platform for institutions and underwriters to communicate and collaborate on CD issuance.

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Bond Calculator

A single security bond calculator powered by FISA (Fixed Income Security Analytics) component.

Bond Calculator enables users to calculate the most requested results including price/yield, duration, convexity, yield to maturity, yield to call for a broad range of US domestic fixed income products.

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If you’re already using a device with Amazon Alexa and are looking for an easier way to receive fixed income trade history or related bond information, you’re in the perfect spot to benefit from this skill.

The new BondTrack is a virtual bond trading assistant which will seek to unlock the power of voice for fixed income traders.

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