Fixed Income Portfolio Presentation System

Financial advisors need robust tools that are efficient and easy to use. That’s why we developed a web-based, cloud-hosted, portfolio modeling and presentation system specifically for them. PortFini makes it so easy for an advisor to model a client’s portfolio holdings in a single consolidated view and illustrate the effect of proposed enhancements. Some of the nation’s most successful advisors use PortFini in selling and communication with existing clients as well as marketing proposals to gather assets from new clients.

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The PortFini Advantage

Capture your prospects’ contact information, tax profile, current holdings, and investment goals to model their current portfolio.
Identify new purchases or sale of existing holdings to the portfolio to meet the investment goals of the prospect.
Generate a complete portfolio presentation proposal in minutes as a printable PDF or packaged for delivery by email.
Close the sale by using your knowledge and experience to highlight key data in the presentation charts and graphs.

Product Overview

PortFini’s reports and analytics are user-friendly. The system supports a broad range of securities including municipal bonds, corporate bonds, treasury bonds, government agency securities, certificates of deposit, preferred securities, and more.

PortFini is loaded with features for generating sophisticated sales presentations:

  • Display to a client the basic cash flows of their portfolio – including interest payments and return of principal.
  • Generate a summary breakdown by maturity, credit quality, security type, and monthly income.
  • Show your client an annual income report by month.
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PortFini allows easy management of multiple portfolios for multiple clients. Existing portfolios can be copied and modified to show ‘what-if’ scenarios or to propose changes to a client. New portfolios can be created from a client’s existing accounts to show a consolidated view of their holdings. PortFini gives advisors the tools they need to build stronger client relationships, gather more assets, retain clients, and grow their business.

Low-Cost of Ownership

PortFini hosts everything so there is no need to purchase or manage any new hardware or software. It imposes no limits on the number of advisors that can be supported or the number of clients and portfolios supported for each advisor. Because it is designed to handle the volume required by large enterprises, PortFini can scale as your business grows.

Since PortFini is accessed through a standard web-browser, an advisor can be up and running quickly. PortFini’s fast proposal generation allows advisors to gather more assets. And, because it is simple to use, it will allow your firm to attract and retain top producers.