Financial Technology Laboratories

providing fixed income technology solutions for increasing trader productivity and order flow since 2005

Financial Technology Laboratories, Inc. provides state-of-the-art fixed income technology solutions for electronic bond trading, liquidity management, bond calculations and analytics, and hosted FIX quote routing and order execution for fixed income securities traders.

Our fixed income technology solutions are time-tested and solid – having processed billions in trade volume for our clients.  Our staff expertise and specialty is the fixed income market. We combine our expert knowledge with outstanding customer support and work with you to implement technology solutions that increase your trading productivity and grow your fixed income business.

We provide a line of fixed income trading management, distribution, and productivity tools for fixed income traders, desks, and firms:

  • Managed FIX Routing

Clients connect to our FIX routing service bureau for hosted access to electronic trading with market leading fixed income alternative trading systems (ATS), electronic communication networks (ECN), and straight-through processing (STP) with clearing providers.

  • Fixed Income Routing Engine (FIRE)

The Fixed Income Routing Engine acts as a central routing system hub for FIX traffic between trading venues and broker-dealer firms.  Client firms can transact with the multiple trading systems over secure and reliable connections to the routing engine while it transparently converts and translates between the different FIX versions and dialects used by the trading venues.

  • Fixed Income Routing Manager (FIRM)

FIRM is a fixed income quote distribution, liquidity managment, and trade order aggregation system.   It is delivered as a hosted, thin client application that delivers real-time update and display of fixed income trading information to traders through direct integration with the FTLabs Fixed Income Routing Engine.

  • Fixed Income Security Analytics (FISA)

Our fixed income calculation and analytics libraries enables firms to integrate bond calculations into their own software.  Language versions are available for Java, C++, and all .NET languages.  A wide range of calculations are included for government, corporate, and municipal debt securities of the US, EU, UK, Canada, Japan, and others.

  • Fixed Income Security Calculators (FISC)

Incorporate our web-based bond calculator directly into your firm’s site or install and use our bond calculation apps with your iOS or Android devices.

  • System Integration Consulting

Our professionals have successfully integrated with a wide range of systems of vendor systems for providing reference data, ratings, pricing, quote feeds, trading, trade history, material events, portfolios, trade reporting to clearing.

Please browse our site to learn more about FTLabs and our product lines for the fixed income market. Contact us to schedule a demonstration.

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